Cownose rays at Bristol Aquarium (video)

Watch Bristol Aquarium’s newest residents in action.

One of the three cownose rays now on display in the tropical tank at Bristol Aquarium. (credit: Harry Baker)

Bristol Aquarium reopened its doors on May 18 after being closed for months due to the Covid-19 pandemic, meaning visitors were finally allowed to return and see their favourite ocean creatures up close. But during the lockdown, the aquarium also acquired some new residents that are starting to steal the show; three cownose rays (Rhinoptera bonasus). 

The group, or fever, of rays (all female) are on loan from the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, where they were captive-bred. “The rays look beautiful in the tank, spending most of their time gracefully swimming around,” Mark Iwachiw, Assistant Curator at Bristol Aquarium, said in a statement

You can now see the rays in action for yourself via the Marine Madness original video below.

This video was filmed, edited and produced by Harry Baker. Special thanks to Bristol Aquarium for giving permission to film on site!

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