Contribute to Marine Madness!

Marine Madness is looking for new guest writers to give people a chance to share their passion for our oceans and marine life!


If you love the sea and have a story to tell about it then Marine Madness is here to help. We are looking for exciting new guest writers to expand on the amount and type of content we can share. If you have something to say or a story to share then Marine Madness offers a safe space for you to do that with a community of like minded people. Whether you’re trying to get your foot in the door, already have experience writing or just looking to try something new then we want to hear from you.


In terms of the type of content there are very few limits to what we are looking for. The main content of the blog consists of journalistic articles focusing on marine biology/conservation. If this is something you would like to try your hand at then great, but if your strengths lie elsewhere then that’s cool too. If you have a story to tell and as long as it is in some way is linked to the ocean then it will be considered.  Stuck for ideas? Then have a look at some examples of submissions from previous guest writers here.


We are looking for submissions from anyone and everyone. Experience is not necessary only a passion for the marine world and an interesting topic. If you are an ocean enthusiast just wanting to give it a go or a student or researcher wanting to promote your work then we want to hear from you. All guest submissions will be considered for publication and will only reject entries for publication for 3 main reasons…

  1. Your submission is in no way related to the oceans.
  2. Your submission is poorly written (lots of grammatical and spelling errors), does not make sense, or has nothing interesting to say (this is very unlikely).
  3. Your submission is plagiarised or breaks copyright law.

Format guidelines

There are a few basic guidelines based on what we are looking for, but as previously mentioned all entries will be considered if you want to do your own thing.

  • Aim for pieces with a word count between 700-1200 words.
  • Try to include 3 or 4 pictures to accompany your piece (these can be your own photos or other peoples, but please provide photo credits for those that aren’t yours).
  • Make your submissions as accessible as possible, try to avoid using too much jargon or styling it like a scientific report, we want as many people to be able to enjoy our content as possible.
  • Include some links to other articles and papers that you are referencing so people can do further reading if you have inspired them.

Editing help

As most of our guest writers are first time bloggers, we try to give you as much help as possible. Once you have sent us a first draft for submission our editor Harry will help you out by making some helpful suggestions to try and make your work as accessible and easy to understand as possible. All of our previous writers will tell you that this is a very helpful and easy process that is beneficial for everyone. So don’t worry too much about getting it completely right on the first go!

What do you get out of it?

It is important to realise Marine Madness is not a business and does not make money.  No submissions will be compensate! But just because it’s done for free doesn’t mean you won’t get anything out of it. All posts written by guest writers will be fully credited and include a short bio to tell readers about you and allow you to include links to social media or other personal projects. All guest submissions will also be shared via our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages and be enjoyed by our expanding online community of followers.


If you have an article to pitch, something to submit or just want to ask some questions then email our editor Harry at or message us on any of our social media pages. Alternatively if you would like to submit some artwork to be featured on the website and across social media then check out our new artwork initiative here.

Thank you in advance for your guest submissions & we look forward to having a read!


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